Automatic Deliveries

We understand that you have a million and one things to do in a day and checking the level of your tank is usually the furthest from your mind. Our automatic delivery system notifies us when you need a delivery at no extra charge. You do not need to worry about checking your gauge and you won't run out of oil! No more expensive emergency deliveries.

We use a degree day calculation that factors in your usage history as well as current and future weather conditions. Other factors do play a part in your consumption such as going away on vacation, family is visiting, or you put an addition to your home. Keeping us informed will ensure that you never run out of oil.

As an automatic customer you will receive an e-mail one week prior to your delivery so that you can plan for it, one more of our "no surprises service."

Heating Oil

The characteristics of today's heating oil have changed. Advanced refining technologies designed to maximize gasoline production have contributed to the decline in fuel oil quality. As a result heating oil has become less stable than in the past, leading to gums and deposits that an foul heating system components.

A fuel oil additive can help mitigate problems associated with today's fuel oil, enabling you to experience a cleaner, more efficient heating system at your home or business

York Oil & Propane uses an additive called HeatForce. It is a multifunctional fule additive whose benefits include:

*Dispersant-to gradually clean the entire heating oil system, preventing gum and sludge from building up on critical heating oil components.

*Corrosion Inhibitor- to prevent rust, resulting from inherent moisture that can build up inside steel tanks and metal components in heating oil systems.

*Metal Deactivator- to prevent the formation of gums and deposits that can occure when fule comes in contact with metal fuel system components.

*Fuel Stabilizer- to keep fuel fresher, longer.


As with home heating oil, we do offer automatic deliveries for our propane customers. We have experienced technitions on hand to take care of installations and deliveries. Our propane pricing is based on your yearly consumption. We offer competitive pricing; please give us a call for up- to- date pricing.








Available 24/7

Oil burner and no heat problems always seem to come at the worst times: in the middle of a snowy night, over the holidays, or on the long awaited weekend. At York Oil & Propane we are ready for you no matter when you need us. Any time day or night 365 days a year we will give you the utmost service to handle any problem that may arise. A licensed technician will be sent to your home or office promptly so that you and your family are never left out in the cold.

Tune Ups

Keeping your system well maintained can head off problems and maximize its efficiency. A well maintained boiler or furnace reduces heat loss and saves on fuel, reducing your total energy costs. Regular tune-ups also ensure the safety and comfort of your home, providing you with valuble peace of mind.

Just like your car, your heating system needs maintenance. We recommend having your system cleaned at least once a year to keep your unit running clean and efficient. Keeping your system tuned up will help extend the life of your unit.